Gobliiins – French pixel fun

Gobliiins – French pixel fun

This excellent synthesis of adventure and puzzle genres is Gobliiins – each “i” stands for one of the three goblin heroes, presumably. The player controls Oups, Ignatius and Asgard (or Hooter, Dwayne and Bobo, if you had the North American release) through different screens, each including a puzzle waiting to be solved. ⁠

The story involves a king gone mad and a wizard with a remedy for mental health problems. Of course, only the goblins are available to fetch the cure and save the day! ⁠

The Gobliiins series started in 1991 on DOS and Macintosh and was ported to Amiga and Atari ST (screenshots) one year later. It became a major hit for its developer and publisher Coktel Vision. The game was also a great example of French game design sensibilities, which at the time often provided the most refreshing and interesting video game ideas and concepts.⁠


Read more about French video games of the 1980s and 1990s and software piracy in the Microzeit book of CRACKERS: The Data Storm.

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