Golden days of swapping

Golden days of swapping

Do you still remember mail swapping? The routine of duplication of floppy disks, writing the disk labels and scribbling letters to your contacts, and finally taking all of the envelopes to your local postal office?

If so, you realise that we had a lot of patience back then.

The days of literally running home from school to find a stack of freshly copied floppy disks in the mailbox felt like a birthday. When the postman came by your letterbox or your PO box was full and you excitedly looked to see what you had received that day, you knew the day was packed.

Swapping disks or floppy disks was a unique phenomenon in the home computer era of the 80s and 90s, and it developed to such an extent that it was like a secret network with its own but slow chat room.

Read about mail swapping, the swappers and software piracy in Microzeit's sequel to The Gold Rush: CRACKERS II: The Data Storm.

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