Micro Machines: Atari 5200

Micro Machines: Atari 5200

Atari 5200 SuperSystem, or just Atari 5200, was introduced in 1982 as a higher-end option for customers who were looking for an Atari home video game system, but wanted more than what Atari 2600 could offer. Atari 5200 was also in competition with ColecoVision.

The console features CPU, graphics and sound that match those of Atari's contemporary 8-bit computers. While this sounds like it would have opened interesting porting possibilities, the software was not directly compatible between Atari's console and computers.

The Atari 5200 came also with a special analog joystick. This was supposed to be one of the unique selling points, with full 360-degrees of range and a numeric keypad, but it ended up getting the most flak from users. Many games proved to be hard to tackle with the special pad, which got stuck easily. In fact, the controller has been even ranked as one of the worst in history in an article by IGN from 2006.

Even if the propriety joystick was a disaster, the console itself ended up shifting around million units.

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