Life’s A Bitch (1990)

Life’s A Bitch (1990)

Life’s A Bitch by the ST giants The Exceptions (TEX), The Gigabyte Crew (TGC) & The Lost Boys (TLB) was released at the Atari Messe, which took place on the 25th of August in 1990. Unlimited Matricks (ULM) also make a special appearance and present a mindblowing Megascroller to the masses.⁠ 

With this TEX & Friends demo, Jochen “Mad Max” Hippel is providing his craziest sample-based tune and throws in some of his grooviest tracks to accompany the coding wizardry. ⁠

At this point, many of the involved demo coders and artists have become game developers at Thalion Software. Making a demo gives a respite from the harsh realities of creating video games, and is an opportunity of presenting some new tricks learned during the day job. For example, Chris Jungen shows off his lightning-fast 3D routines, which will be used in the game No Second Prize in 1992.


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