Decade Demo (1991)

Decade Demo (1991)

The Decade Demo might not be the friendliest of megademos, as the British groups uniting under the name of Inner Circle kept slinging mud at the competition – The Lost Boys being the main target. But the multi-screen demo with its overscan menu is most definitely one of the fiercest displays of coding and artistic talent on the Atari ST at the time.⁠

Inner Circle consisted of Electronic Images, The Resistance, The Fingerbobs, The Red Herrings, Hotline and ST Squad. All of the teams performed impressive coding feats – visually and aurally. Count Zero delivered exceptional sonic delights for all chipmusic aficionados as he was able to create a unique sound style on the ST.⁠

This is another megademo with a particularly impressive interactive menu. A flying robot acts as an avatar and the horizontally scrolling landscape changes from spaceship interiors to dungeons – all of that in the ST’s special fullscreen technique. Demos are accessed through doors, as in many other ST megademos of the era.⁠

Inner Circle released the Decade Demo in August 1991.⁠

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