New editions are coming in 2022

New editions are coming in 2022

Our popular Atari book series is being relaunched in 2022! Starting with Breakin' The Borders, the series will receive a complete revision in words and pictures. When Volume 1 was published in 2017, the narrative and translation were produced under very tight economic constraints. As a debut work, it has also been sold out and was in frequent demand for a number of years. Many have only the sequel volumes at hand and are waiting to complete their collection.

Volume 1 will soon be reissued in a strictly limited edition with improved language and images. Coming soon to the Microzeit shop for pre-order!

About the trilogy

In three volumes, The Atari ST and The Creative People tells about the artistic side of Atari's 16-bit computer range, which was promoted as an affordable Mac alternative. The demoscene of the Atari ST was particularly challenged and fought against all too narrow system boundaries and Commodore’s 16 bit superiority: the Amiga. Consequently, not only did many ambitious Amiga conversions appear on the ST, but there was also a rich influx into the games industry. The lynchpin of the 16-bit Atari scene became Thalion in Gütersloh, one of the early game developers who shaped the pioneering years of the German software industry under the banner of Ariolasoft/United Software at Bertelsmann.

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