Another Crowdfunding Dimension

Another Crowdfunding Dimension

Marco Breddin

With the second volume of the 68000 Anniversary series, we have started crowdfunding books directly at Microzeit.

This has several advantages – for us as producers and for you as supporters. For example, the high platform fees of almost 10% that arise via Indiegogo and Kickstarter can be waived and go directly into production. We would like to offer all interested parties the opportunity to support a new book project at a reduced price and in combination with other shop products. It is also easier and more ergonomic for us to process the presentation. Country-specific shipping costs are already included and you can take advantage of any shipping benefits. Combined stock items are calculated correctly and dispatched immediately. Vouchers and discounts that we issue for book pre-orders can now be applied to stock items.

We are convinced that this step represents progress for everyone involved and look forward to the new dimension of crowdfunding at Microzeit.

POWER WITHOUT THE PRICE benefits as the first book project and will run for 30 days on our shop platform: 22 June – 21 July 2024.
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