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Discover the full potential of Atari’s 16/32-bit computer world with our next milestone 68000: POWER WITHOUT THE PRICE.

From system war to vision. Learn more about iconic Atari ST/STE/TT companies and Jack Tramiel’s revolutionary impact on the rapidly changing tech market. See how Tramiel’s bold move shocked Atari management and sparked a computer sensation in Europe.

  • Hardback Edition (English) + PDF
  • Release date: March/April 2025
  • ±350 full-colour pages
  • High-quality offset print
  • 168 × 230 mm portrait format 
  • Special cover refinement
  • 150 gr/m² Arctic Silk illustration paper
  • Finest print raster (120) 
  • Made in Germany


DISCOVERY PACK: As usual, we can’t show you a design at the moment. However, the contents will be similar to The Flame Pack containing a new series of art postcards, foil magnets, a voucher and complementary design products for your retro collection.

FLAME ROYAL: This is your chance to buy The Flame Wars at a very special price and support the project at the same time. Each book comes with a bookmark and selected goodies from the Flame Pack. Delivery only together with Power Without the Price.

COVER ILLUSTRATION: The book title will be designed in line with the 68000 series and will only be shown when the book is published.


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The following speakers, informants, interview partners and authors were invited to participate:

Sam Tramiel
... Atari Corporation
Leonard Tramiel … Atari Corporation
Robert Behn-Katz ... Product Manager, Atari UK
Simon Westbrook ... Corporate Controlling 
d’Este du Plessis ... Marketing Manager
John Norledge ... Atarisoft
Nick Lefevre ... Legal Counsel
Bron Shepherd ... PA, Warner Communications
Tony Deane & Mike West ... Silica Shop/SDL
John Arundel … Silica Marketing Manager
Philippa Kearney … PR Manager
Claire Walker … External PR Manager
Tom Hudson ... Antic, Cyber Studio, Degas Elite
Martin Doudoroff ... Tri-Vision
Boris Tsikanovsky ... Spectrum 512
Tilmann Bubeck ... NEOchrome Master
Gerhard Lengeling ... Emagic, Notator SL
Karl Steinberg ... Steinberg, Cubase
Meinolf Amekudzi (Schneider) ... Bolo, Oxyd
Frank Schmerbeck ... Signum!
Ulf Dunkel ... Calamus
Eckhard Kruse ... Ballerburg
Doug Bell ... FTL, Dungeon Master
Pete Lyon ... Microdeal, Goldrunner
Gary Bracey … Ocean
Andrew & Rob Hewson … Hewson
Jez San … Argonaut, Starglider
John M. Phillips ... Nebulus, Wizball, Eliminator
Thomas Engel
... Turrican I+II, Rainbow Arts
Marc Rosocha … Wings of Death, Eclipse
Jochen Hippel … Sound programming, Thalion
TEX & Friends … Scene to Business, Thalion
Richard Karsmakers … ST NEWS
Kay Poprawe ... Pixel art, ST graphics
Daniel Macré
... Lankhor, Vroom
Horst Brandl … TOS, 68000 ST Magazin



“The really exciting thing was that in five months we actually showed the product at CES with real chips, with real PCBs, with real monitors, with real plastic.”  – Shiraz Shivji

As one of two extensions to The Flame Wars,
the next 68000 Anniversary book provides a detailed account of the core competences of Atari’s 16/32-bit ecosystem and reconstructs the development towards market dominance in the ’80s. The competition for the one and only 68000 system characterised this home computer era like nothing else. We turn back the time, take a deep breath from the golden silicone era and report first-hand what happened in the Atari labs before and after CES 1984. 

In particular, we want this volume to provide an overview of the topics, struggles and faces behind the ST computers. 

The Atari ST was an affordable dream computer and made desktop publishing on a small scale possible for the first time. However, the built-in MIDI interface made the ST a sequencer standard and characterised the ’90s music productions of Fatboy Slim, Fleetwood Mac, Pet Shop Boys, Madonna or Depeche Mode.

The historical importance of software development on the easily programmable and stable 68000 systems should not be underestimated and has not only shaken up the computer industry, but also created software milestones.

What made the ST so successful? 
How much revolution was put into the system?
Who are the names behind it?
And which figures?

Expert analysis of key players and revolutionary products in the Atari industry, such as Steinberg, C-Lab, Xanth/FX, invers Software (Calamus), GST (1st Word Plus, Timeworks), Atarisoft, CRP/Ditek (DynaCadd), Digital Workshop (Campus CAD), Application Systems Heidelberg, R.O.M. (Papyrus), Batteries Included, NSI (Tempus Word), GFA, Omikron, Mandarin Software, and Antic.

This system book features top game studios and Atari publishers such as Hybrid Arts, FTL, Argonaut, Magnetic Scrolls, Lankhor, Thalion & Eclipse, Bullfrog, Bitmap Brothers, Gremlin, Assembly Line, Exxos, Delphine Software, Ere Informative, Silmaris, and Microdeal, providing an impressive overview of their best games.

Explore the ST/TT market with Power Without the Price, featuring an exquisite catalog of machines, monitors, printers, and accessories. Immerse yourself in stunning large-scale photography as we unveil additional peripherals for the ST series and the professional TT world in our exclusive catalogue section.

ST, STE, Mega ST/STE, TT, Falcon…
We keep an eye on every machine!
What other machines were planned?
What led to the decline of the ST world?

Atari’s building blocks of assembly line production were situated in Taiwan. Our report delves into the current economic challenges of computer production and uncovers the shortcomings and opportunities within the industry.

Markets and Makers: The ST market varied greatly in different countries, as seen in advertisements, computer bundles and magazines such as the British ST Format, German 68000er ST-Magazin, American STart or French ST Magazine. An essay provides an explanation and report on the successes and failures of Atari's marketing efforts, while also addressing any discrepancies in sales figures.

Homebrew is the new thing. What is the Atari scene doing today? What products are emerging on the hobby market? 

We are striving to create a comprehensive book for Atari ST enthusiasts and retro collectors alike and are working feverishly on a significant contribution to IT history.


Paper and Passion

Included products

Book + PDF, bookmark


~170 × 230 mm

Production quality

Hardback edition, reliable binding, UV-stable offset printing, protected pages

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