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Independent publisher focusing on the digital scene, culture and computer history. Entertaining essays about the pioneering days of the games industry. From 8 to 16-bit. Atari, Amstrad, Sinclair, Commodore, Nintendo, Sega. Games, demos and software piracy.

Made with a clear vision

We are bold innovators, fearless writers and expert editors of the so-called microcomputer era.

My name is Marco A. Breddin and I founded Microzeit [tsait] in 2016. My experience as a designer and tech journalist led to a particular vision for the burgeoning retro market. Microzeit stemmed from an examination of the esteemed software company Thalion, rooted in the demo scene, seeking to portray this narrative through a visual non-fiction approach. Dialogues with scene luminaries and 16-bit pioneers concluded the first release and enabled two subsequent follow-ups. This resulted in a thorough trilogy on the creative individuals related to Atari ST and Falcon computers. From 2017 to 2019, the narrative reached and pleased readers and computer enthusiasts worldwide. Supplementary volumes on software piracy followed. Every person is influenced by ‘their system’ – my experience as a pixel artist on the C64 and Atari ST marks the start. In contrast, Microzeit books offer varied viewpoints with an inclusive and adaptable strategy. We not only provide micro fans with loads of nostalgia, but also uncover valuable insights into the computer scenes and industries of the last century. IT professionals, developers, retro fans, video game enthusiasts, and historians will find value.

Got kids? Our books help bridge the gap in passing down the history of microcomputers to today’s generation through visually engaging content.

No journey without return

Beginning with LCD games and Table Tops with the flair of miniature arcades, Atari 2600 (VCS) and Philips G7000 (Magnavox Odyssey II) were to follow. A European computer journey like mine continued with the C64 (1984) and Atari ST (1987). It cumulated amidst friends from the demoscene, coders, gamers, musicians and swapping partners on ViC-20, C16, Amstrad CPC, and Amiga as well as Super Nintendo and Sega Megadrive (Genesis). Then Sony Playstation vs. Microsoft XBOX. Ultimately, the modern consoles and the IBM PCs reignited my gaming world of the past.