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Eclipse Super Pack – STONE AGE

Eclipse Super Pack – STONE AGE

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Very limited NOS (New Old Stock) from Marc Rosocha’s 1990s games company Eclipse Software. We have some great exclusive collector's packs for your Atari ST/Amiga game collection. These boxes have never been used and are like new.

Important! No disk (game) included. This is only the outer box, not the inner box. We ship everything that is in stock. In case the small stock of stickers and posters has been sold out, we will only send the game box.

  • 1 ✕ Original cardboard game box (flat folded)
  • 1 ✕ Original disk label
  • 1 ✕ Eclipse sticker



Cardboards, glue, postcard paper, plastic, aluminium, spelt, oats, wheat and chocolate. Whatever it needs.

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