The Data Storm in a Retro Computer Museum

The Data Storm in a Retro Computer Museum

Our highly esteemed Mike (Mug U.K/Atari Legend) has brought The Data Storm to the Leiceister museum collection, following The Gold Rush. Founder Andy Spencer was delighted and confirmed that more books will be added in the future. Interested visitors can browse through them at their leisure.

“The Home of Retro Gaming.”

­Look at this little museum of gaming history, located in the heart of Leicestershire. Its unique games room draws the eye to the great tape game culture in Britain (see picture on the website). Here you can discuss and play on classic systems or consoles, such as Sinclair Spectrum, Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga, Atari ST and Atari 2600. Furthermore you can try Nintendo NES, Sega MegaDrive, Xbox and PlayStation. A very rare experience for the most of us will be the Virtuality VR systems and especially the CD1200.

Open at weekends and selected bank holidays, adults play for £7.50 and children for only £4.50. Show more

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