AL-TV: The Story of International Karate

AL-TV: The Story of International Karate

There are numerous retro platforms and video channels on the internet. If you are looking for something more comprehensive about the Atari ST, you should not overlook the work of Atari Legend. Known since 2004 as an association of former scene enthusiasts, the website got a targeted face-lift in 2020 and now presents Atari topics and gaming industry greats in a modern HTML design. 


AL-TV was already created in May 2019. The Belgian Maarten Martens (ST Graveyard) ambitiously presents game and demo topics with a focus on Atari history, Atari ST and Atari PC. In recent times, you also get more Arcade and Amiga content like in The Story of Doodle Bug. Martens not only stages his videophile retro-worlds substantially and with broadcast qualities, but also gives them an ironic-humorous touch. Thus, every contribution on AL-TV is a special retro voyage of discovery. 


Former scene connoisseurs should not miss the well-researched YouTube shows, which are published monthly at irregular intervals. For The Story of International Karate, for example, Martens won Hungarian IK maker Istvan Cseri (left) for an interview on the history of the ST version. The retrospective looks at the origins, technology and marketing of the popular martial arts game series as well as points to the contemporary media and cultural context of the genre.


AL-TV shines with a high production standard and invites you to revel and smile. You won't find any non-commercial documentary series with this love of detail and arrangement. While you easily feel transported back to the magic of the home computer era, you might be surprised by some cool video effects à la Angry Video Game Nerd (Cinemassacre). 

This is "Atari Nerd Land" and the discreet background music with old and new Atari ST chiptunes is certainly a special treat. Measured against the generally high YouTube standard, AL-TV does not have to hide in any way and deserves a big recommendation, especially for Retro fans interested in history! 


Video trailer by Greyfox / Darren Doyle



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