On the Road: With TEX & Friends

On the Road: With TEX & Friends

Marco Breddin

For the 68000: Power Without the Price, we talk to the Atari greats of the 16-bit industry. Not only do we bring together some of the most important business managers, but we also sit down with a well-known group of Atari friends from the pioneering days of the ST scene. In a convivial atmosphere, we chat with the programmers and artists of the demo groups The Exceptions, The Respectables, ULM and The Lost Boys.

Pixel artist Stefan Kimmlingen (Tyrem), demo coder Georges Kesseler (Gunstick), Maggie organiser Michael Schüssler (Sammy Joe) and sound magician Jochen Hippel (Mad Max) are already taking part.

Under the TEX & Friends label, the ST demo “Life’s a Bitch” was released in 1990, which is remembered by many for its expressive sample mix by Jochen Hippel.  

As insiders and long-time Microzeit readers know, the games company Thalion emerged from a scene co-operation. However, the scene cohesion remained intact for a long time, expanded internationally and led to various IT paths, such as those of Atari specialist Marc Rosocha (Wings of Death, Iron Soldier) and Tim Moss (Gods of War).

Our interview will take place this summer near Trier, Germany. Let’s see who else joins us.

The Atari ST and The Creative People


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