A look into the crystal ball

A look into the crystal ball

Marco Breddin

Microzeit was born out of a fixed idea: to publish a richly illustrated and narrative series on computer history.

Then one idea followed another and so the publishing programme continued to grow in small steps until today. We usually need about 1 year for each book product. From time to time, however, there have been publishing co-operations and book plans that have fallen through. In the meantime, our work has expanded to include independent book series that complement each other. 

To give you an overview of the future Microzeit programme, we have set up a new section in the shop:


We want to give you a better opportunity to view our pre-production in order to plan possible books for your interest. Here you can see at any time what we are producing up to 3 years in advance. This can be both design and book products.

The production planning is still being expanded, may change and may be supplemented by further products.

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