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Based on 48 reviews
From Vampires to Vultures: Volume 1 (1995–2004)
Stephane Miget
Great for me !

Having left my amiga in a cupboard from +- 1989 and never having been at that time attracted by workbench and the additional speed of the amiga this book has really been a good documentation for me and an update !!!! Thanks to the authors

Awesome nostalgia trip with some real history

Awesome nostalgia trip with some real history

Great Read and a good snapshot of history as it was

a great read by the people who made it all happen and a good look behind the scenes. a good one for your retro gaming book collection

Amazing book covering the beginings with in depth information and details.

In depth research and a very well told story. Full of history and information.

Great! The good old times come to live.

Greatest Book I‘ve Read for a Long time. Awesome!!!

Beautiful Book

A beautiful book about a subject I was living as a kid. Highly recommended if you grew up with a Commodore 64, Amiga, or ST.

A walk down memory lane

Really fun to read, interessing stories from insiders, brought back memories of the "good old times"

Retro awesomeness!

Feel the quality! An awesome compendium printed on high quality stock. Thank you :)

A great and unique enhanced book about Atari ST era - A must have

I didn't buy the first edition at time, so I was sad to miss this incredible work. So I bought book 2 and 3, and was amazed by the quality of these books. When it was possible again to pre-command book 1 I didn't hesitate and I don't regret it, it's a masterpiece. In addition there's not many occasions to have first hand memories from this 16 bit computer era and share again together all theses good moments. Remember when computing was fun ? :) Thanks a lot for the author for providing us such a quality work. You can buy it (and others book) without hesitation

Excellent read. Waiting for the next book already.

Loving it

Was fantastic. Looking forward to more publications in the future.

Kindheitserinnerungen und deren historischer Hintergrund

Machen wir uns nichts vor: Dieses Buch bedient eine Nische. Da muss man schon sehr spezielle Interessen haben, um überhaupt auf dieses Thema aufmerksam zu werden. Und doch, dieses Buch ist ein Feuerwerk! Es beleuchtet eine Zeit, die ich höchstens am Rande mit bekommen habe und deren Haupterinnerung bei mir die Iron Maiden-Motive der Ladebildschirme an meinem Atari 1040 STe waren und die grausam krächzende Melodie von Secret of Monkey Island, die sich für meine Ohren damals doch so wundervoll anhörte. Der einzige Wermutstropfen ist, dass das Buch bislang nur auf Englisch erschienen ist, aber das ist kein Minuspunkt. Wer auch nur ein wenig Interesse an den Spielen der späten 80er hat, selbst einen Home Computer hatte und möglicherweise auch ein oder zwei kopierte Disketten - der sollte diesem Buch auf jeden Fall eine Chance geben!

Great book

Finally after a long time I could get the printed version of the first Edition. Thanks for the reprint.

Teenage heros

No other books depicts my teenage heros and their underground activities. It's fun, accurate, anectodes filled, unique and in a gorgeous graphic form.


Good stuff. Looking forward to future publications.

CRACKERS II: The Data Storm
Denis Lechevalier
Top Class Book !

The book is great to read, with lots of detailed information :)

I recommend it!

Great book

Stellar book

Mostly about the ST scene, but extremely interesting nonetheless!

Beautiful book about an important digital subculture

Colourful, lavish and utterly compelling retelling of a part of computer history that most people completely missed. Those of us who did not, know how important it was. A must-own for anyone interested in demoscene, its history and what it meant, especially on the Atari ST.

Down the memorylane

This books really gets you back into the simpler times, where you explored stuff exchanged on school grounds back in the days.

A wonderful trip into the glorious past of the Crackers era

It's a brilliant and quality book about some of the least known subject of '80s and '90s computing. If you want to know what exciting period you've missed because you're too young, or you're too old to have know this incredible moment (remember when computing was fun?). You'll learn why computing was even better before, when your computer was not spying you and made amazing performances unknown even sometimes for their own creators. It is the incredible story of the cracking groups and the demoscene. Read this, you'll learn a lot about the history of computers. Thanks a lot for its author for this deep work on these not enough known subjects!

Just loved it!

There aren't many books about this pretty extremely niche interest and this one delivers the good as far as I'm concerned. I loved reading about the guys who in my mind when I was a young early teen were the coolest people on the planet. I was fascinated with thinking about the route these disks took before they got into my hands. I felt like a rebel and almost part of the scene.

Yes, if you had an ST back in the day and enjoyed collecting these disks and reading the scrollers and being amazed at the menus then buy this book!

Loved the book and the series

Marco has created a brilliant trilogy with these three books. Very good reading and I will read them again in the future, great information and excellent artworks.

If there was one thing I would ask for next time it would be going into even more detail about how some of the cool sprite and colour tricks were achieved as I was always fascinated by the coders getting some many extra colours and sprites out of the humble ST(E).

Fantastic work and output !

Best-in-class book and unique opportunity to learn more about this amazing IT period!