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A fantastic journey beyond the limits of the emerging games industry.

The Atari ST and The Creative People

The Atari ST and The Creative People

A comprehensive look at the ups and downs of the Atari ST... 

CRACKERS: A Saga of Software Piracy

CRACKERS: A Saga of Software Piracy

Digital visions and copy parties, intrigues and industrial espionage, disk traders and... 

  • Neo-modern

    As an independent publisher, Microzeit is committed to a neo-modern take on the digital retro scene. The narratives focus on the human experience and social needs when dealing with ”modern technology”.

  • Pop culture

    The constitution of a digital age is condensed in our image-rich narratives of pop cultural influences, historical accounts, advertising, economic factors and interviews with numerous contemporary witnesses.

  • Retro books

    Retrospectives on technological experiences are always linked to the conditions of industries, systems, societies or groups. We do not talk about computer systems without the constraints they impose.

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Press, Media & Reviews

Reports, interviews, background stories and podcasts on our publications, including Retro Gamer (UK and Germany), Skrolli, Custom PC magazine, Retrokomp, Videospielgeschichten, Pixelnostalgie, RetroManiac, Return, Männerquatsch, ST-Computer, RetrogamesMaster, RVG etc….

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