Another World – 16-bit Animation Hit

Another World – 16-bit Animation Hit

This legendary title is the technically and artistically astounding Another World (aka Out of This World in USA, Outer World in Japan) designed by video game auteur Éric Chahi of Delphine Software.⁠

Original French cover for Another World.


U.K., Italy and German cover version.

Chahi worked on the game and its vector-based graphic engine for two years, which was only made possible by the success of his previous point-and-click adventure Future Wars. The money Chahi got from this made him able to work on Another World “without any constraint of any sort of any editorial pressure”. This artistic freedom produced a unique experience – something gamers had not seen before.⁠

Another World was also known in the software pirate circuits as being hard to reverse engineer. Read more about Chahi’s masterpiece and its pesky protection, and many other games that were almost impossible to duplicate, in CRACKERS: The Data Storm.

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