Book review of CRACKERS: The Data Storm

Book review of CRACKERS: The Data Storm

Custom PC magazine gave a glowing review for Crackers The Data Storm in their Issue 224 (February 2022).

“A mixture of prose and interview content, as before, Crackers II has an impressive list of contributors. Members of Fairlight, The Bladerunners, Fuzion, Elite, Pompey Pirates, Automation, LSD and The Medway Boys are included […]. One big difference between the two books is that the second one includes a look at console game piracy. […] Along the way, Crackers II covers art battles between cracktro coders, a pair of big cracking and coding parties. It even takes a look at the Chaos Computer Club – Europe’s biggest hacker group, founded in 1981 and boasting 7,700 registered members at the last count. In short, Crackers II is packed. Like its predecessor, it’s a must-have for anyone who remembers the era, fondly or otherwise, or who would simply like to learn what piracy was like before the Internet and peer-to-peer sharing software.”

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