Famous Quotes (Fatboy Slim)

Famous Quotes (Fatboy Slim)

“I mean that’s the great thing about Ataris. They do go on forever.” 

– Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim)⁠

English DJ and producer Norman “Fatboy Slim” Cook put together his most famous club hits on two Akai S950 samplers and a C-Lab Creator sequencer running on an Atari ST. This setup formed the basis for classic tracks like Rockefeller Skank, Praise You, and Right Here, Right Now. ⁠

Cook was so used to his trustworthy combination of Atari and Akai that it was only in 2011 when he finally decided to let go of his beloved duo and switch to a modern digital audio workstation. Ataris, they really do go on forever.⁠

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