STAMIGA is funded! What's next?

STAMIGA is funded! What's next?

We are pleased to announce that our long-planned book STAMIGA: The Flame Wars has recently been funded on Indiegogo!

For those who have missed it so far: After the end of the campaign, it will still be possible for a short time to pre-order the book perks on our desired crowdfunding platform. The campaign will therefore switch to InDemand on 13 March.

You can still pre-order books and perks via InDemand, but you won't see the progress bar. Instead, only the sum is added up. 

Important Note:
 We will soon open another funding opportunity for STAMIGA on Microzeit. Here you can also pre-order the book at a reduced price to continue supporting the production. Due to music rights and production limits, we will not be able to include all the goodies of Flame Pack, Amiga Rocks and Revival ST in the shop. 


On Indiegogo, you also have an option in the checkout to combine the perks with certain packages. Applies to the economy packs Book Duet and Book Trio.

Check this out:


In order to stay up to date on the book project and its realisation, you should subscribe to the newsletter. This is also the best way to be on time when the book is available.

Book release: Christmas 2023.

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