Ooh Crikey Wot A Scorcher (1991)

Ooh Crikey Wot A Scorcher (1991)

Lie down on the floor and keep calm! Or do we have to say, “What a bummer”…!?! 

The Lost Boys released a true screen-melter, the Ooh Crikey Wot A Scorcher demo, at the 1991 Atari trade fair. The screens are of a high standard, both artistically and in terms of programming they grab the demo enthusiast. Each demo is introduced through the fantastic pixel works of Spaz (David Moss). The different parts are selected from a menu screen where you fly a spaceship over a 3D fractal landscape – an astounding idea and feat for the time. Programmer Manikin (Tim Moss) lays the foundation for his career in the games industry on the Atari ST became responsible for the worldwide success of the God of War game series.


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