STAMIGA @Indiegogo now!

STAMIGA @Indiegogo now!

Marco Breddin

We recently launched our new book project on Indiegogo and already cleared the 50% hurdle after a few days. This time we're travelling back to the time when two 16/32-bit systems sparked one of the biggest flame wars: we're calling it STAMIGA.

It will be a multidimensional story that treks through relevant settings on 400 opulent magazine-style pages. For this we have been able to recruit renowned guest authors. David J. Pleasance, long-time manager, director and vice president of Commodore UK, for example, takes an unpublished look at his Amiga marketing, while Darryl Still, long-time product and marketing manager of Atari UK, outlines the battle for the Atari ST market.

STAMIGA will recapitulate arguably one of the fiercest power struggles in the microcomputer market.

Numerous developers, such as from Ocean, Psygnosis, Team 17 and Thalion reveal backgrounds to their 16-bit productions and pit realities against dreams. Notorious are the lazy ports, to which we devote representative Amiga vs. ST game comparisons. Professional hardware and software is also presented, possibilities and impossibilities are shown, the press and media market deciphered and wild speculations eliminated. From underground communities to the industry, from shops and vendors, developers and marketing gurus to ordinary users and gamers – we let everyone have their say.

Interviews and eyewitness accounts will pack the book to the brim with information. And we spare no market analysis: our informants reveal where the profits of Commodore and the Atari Corporation really went and how high computer sales actually were.

In collaboration with European Amiga and Atari journalists, we dig as deep as we can to properly revive this exciting and maybe wildest confrontation of our computer youth.

Hands down. Our team is motivated.

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