The Cuddly Demos (1989)

The Cuddly Demos (1989)

Antti Mutta

The Carebears (TCB) unleashed their legendary The Cuddly Demos in July 1989. The name of this famous multi-part production is more than fitting for the Swedish group that took their moniker from eighties teddy bear franchise. 


The Cuddly Demos stunned the demosceners with virtuoso coding, graphics and music from TCB members An Cool, Jas, Nick and Tanis as well as scene colleagues A.D., Ming and Transformer. Exceptions (TEX) members ES and Mad Max also helped with the production. Part of the magic comes from a very good Amiga port of Spreadpoint’s X-Large demo and the wonderful Fullscreen with its borderless parallax scrolling and great sound samples. The stunning main menu offers multi-directional scrolling in a game-like scenario. It still remains one of the most revered megademos on Atari ST.⁠


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