The Union Demo (1989)

The Union Demo (1989)

The Union Demo took the Atari ST demoscene by storm when it was released in January of 1989. This megademo was a technical marvel and in many ways totally ahead of the competition. At the same it was not a total surprise considering the people behind the creation. ⁠

Groups like TEX, TNT-Crew, Level 16, Delta Force, TCB and The Replicants were responsible for the smooth scrolling routines, breaking the screen borders and parallax scrolling. And every part was decorated with gorgeous pixel graphics and accompanied with smashing music.⁠


The demo screens were chosen from an interactive menu where an alien character, resembling Alf from eponymous TV series, wandered on a cobblestone street lined with wooden doors - all leading to different and dazzling demo art.⁠

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