Cooperation with Editions 64K

Cooperation with Editions 64K

The indie publisher market has seen a lot of activity in recent years, with catalogues and retro books about computers and consoles flooding the market. Favourite topics are gaming, company portraits, generation books, genre and system volumes.


In the area of scenes and demos, only a few publications have reached a larger readership so far. These include the works of the French publisher Editions 64K. Since 2020, Christophe Boucourt has been publishing the elaborate Demoscene series on the Amiga world. The financing was done via crowdfunding. To realise the approximately 900-page retrospective, Boucourt decided to compile two illustrated volumes with the collaboration of numerous greats from the Amiga and AGA scene.

The rich volumes provide a deep insight into the motivations of the demo makers from the 16 to the 32-bit era of Commodore. In doing so, the books are less concerned with a historical reappraisal or narrative. Rather, the works can be enjoyed through diary-like entries by the protagonists. A direct yet subtle approach that has reached many fans around the world.


Editions 64K
is now one of our most important publishing partners. If you want to immerse yourself in the Amiga era of the demoscene, you can buy here without hesitation. With the help of our two publishers, you'll get a unique yet entertaining overview of the most powerful 16- and 32-bit demos in the age of home computing.

To mark the occasion, Microzeit and Editions 64K are giving every shop buyer a 10% voucher that can be redeemed at the partner publishing house.

At the moment, volume 1 is unfortunately sold out. “The Amiga Years” is expected to be available again at the end of 2022. Our vouchers will remain valid until then!


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